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Have you just had a baby, or are you an expectant mother? Your California health insurance agent would like you to get information about Access for Infants and Mothers, more commonly known as AIM. In California, health care providers want the best for pregnant mothers, even for those who can't afford the best in prenatal care. However, because it's so important to engage in prenatal care not only for mother’s health, but to prevent potential health issues and problems or difficulties during childbirth, or potential newborn or neonatal care, it is essential for pregnant women to be able to access prenatal care as often as possible.

Lack of prenatal care may cause complications with the growth and development of a baby, or more complicated birth processes that may re-require drugs, Cesarean sections, or emergency measures. Needless to say, these can get quite expensive. Many insurance plans don't cover “normal” pregnancy. While Medi-Cal or Medicare Part A or Part B may help some mothers, these are also not options for many women. AIM (Access for Infants and Mothers) is a program designed to offer women in tough situations or circumstances the ability to obtain the prenatal care that is so vital for the health and development not only of your baby, but you.

Even if you have California health insurance, but co-payments or deductibles for maternity services cost over $500, the AIM program may help. AIM subscribers pay smaller costs. AIM does not charge individuals for monthly deductibles or co-payments.  In addition, AIM provides services to your baby in their Healthy Families Program.  Benefits and services may include but are not limited to health, vision and dental services for infants, children as well as teens.

The AIM program will cover services from the date you are approved to up to 60 days from the date the pregnancy ends. Babies are covered if the mother or parent fills out the infant registration form. Services cover the child from the date of birth through the Healthy Families Program unless the baby is already a beneficiary of employer insurance or no-cost Medi-Cal.

AIM services and benefits include physician and professional services, preventative care, maternity care, hospital services and diagnostic x-ray and laboratory services. It also includes medical transportation, mental health services, emergency health care services, prescription drugs and health education services. Be advised there are some limitations and exclusions to each of these categories.

Physician and professional services include hospital visits, professional office visits, eye exams, hearing tests, and cancer screening tests. Preventive care includes periodic exams as well as routine tests and laboratory services. Maternity care covers prenatal and postnatal care as well as inpatient delivery and complications of pregnancy. Hospital services provide inpatient and outpatient general services and their related supplies.

Pregnant mothers may benefit from diagnostic x-ray and laboratory services when obtaining prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders of fetuses in high-risk pregnancies.

For additional information regarding the benefits and services provided by AIM, visit their website at Don't leave mother's health or that of the new baby at risk. Prenatal care is essential to reduce complications and to identify complications or problems early in a pregnancy. Prenatal care is essential for mother’s health and for long-term benefits for the developing baby. Ask your California health insurance agent about AIM services covered for women and infants.

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If your looking for a health plan that covers pregnany you have come to the right place. With our California health insurance quoting tool you can compare health plans that include maturnity benefits from several top rated carriers like Anthem Blue Cross of California, Blue Shield of California, Aetna, Kaiser, Health Net, Pacificare, United Health Care and Celtic health plans. All plans are in one easy quote so you can compare them all side by side. When your ready to apply for health insurance you can do so with our secure carrier direct online health insurance application links. If you would rather fill out a health insurance application by hand we have the most up to date health insurance application resource. You can print a health insurance application here.


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