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Welcome California Small Business Owners

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Group Health Insurance

If you need information about California group health insurance you are in the right place. We will give you an instant no hassle Group Health Insurance Quote.California Small Business Insurance

We offer Group Health Insurance Quotes for your Employees or your own Business. We can insure groups as small as only 2 people with only one employee, Partner, Corporate Officer or owner signing up. Matt’s Insurance Services has dealt with many groups of this size.  All the groups we get issued are AB 1672 compliant and we only use top rated health insurance carriers like Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Health Net and Aetna.  AB 1672 defines the size of an employer group in California as 2 or more individuals. This state law insures a California health insurance safeguard, allowing individuals with pre-existing medical conditions the ability to move from an old health insurance plan to a California group health insurance plan.

Are you ready to try something new? OCS (Online Client Services) puts your employee benefit information on your own computer. You simply enter your company name and a password from any internet accessible computer. All your group insurance and benefit information is right in front of you.

  • Access Your Group Benefits Online - Medical, Dental, Life, Vision...Even Retirement Plan Information
  • Illustrate Monthly Premiums
  • Automatically View Plan Benefits
  • Display Plan Waiting Periods
  • Easy enrollment
  • Customer Service Numbers - Important Contact Information
  • Download Administrative Forms and New Hire Applications
  • Use It With Any Internet Ready PC
  • High Performance Internet Server Guarantees Fast and Reliable Service
  • Download Administrative Forms
  • Secure Server Protects Confidential Data

Eligible Employees that can be covered on a Group Health Insurance Plan

Full Time Employees

To qualify as a full time employee, the employee must be working at least 30 hours a week on a permanent basis. Also, the full time employee must be paid for that work by the employer and subject to tax withholding ( i.e. a W-2 form).

Part-Time Employees

A part time employee is any person working a permanent, part time position and must be paid a wage for that work by the employer and subject to tax withholding ( i.e. a W-2 form). Part time employees must work at least 20 hours per week but not more than 29 hours per week. An employer does not have to automatically include part time employees in the group health insurance policy but could be added later at the employer’s discretion.  If the employer does offer to cover the part time employees, all part-time employees are eligible for coverage.

Corporate officers - Sole Proprietors - Partners

To be eligible for coverage on the group health insurance plan, corporate officers, sole proprietors, and partners must put in at least 20 hours of work per week.

Employees not entitled to participate in the California group health insurance plan include:

  • Seasonal employees

  • Temporary

  • Substitute workers

  • 1099 employees (some carriers do allow 1099’d employees under certain circumstances)

Eligible Family members - Dependents

Eligible dependents have one of the following associations with the eligible employee:

  • Husband, Wife, Partner  (lawful)

  • Domestic partner (must be verified)
  • Child under the age of 19 and unmarried (natural or legally adopted) of the employee or the employee’s enrolled spouse

  • Children who are full time students and qualifies as a dependent for Federal Income Tax (unmarried).

A husband and wife that both work at the same company can both be covered as employees. The children can be put on either one of the employees policy but the same child cannot be on both the mothers and fathers policy at the same time.

If an employee doesn’t want coverage

Employees who do not to participate in the group health insurance plan must decline coverage by completing the appropriate section on the Employee Application within 30 days of the employee becoming eligible for the group health insurance.

Having a group health insurance plan for your company keeps your employees happy.  Business owners are continually dealing with employee turnover. A business with a group California health insurance is more likely to hold on to good employees than a business without health insurance coverage. I’m sure you’ve heard of the golden handcuffs. A covered employee is less likely to be lured away by another company if they have a California health insurance policy through your company.

MattsInsurance4CA offers an online service tool designed to make your job of managing your group health plan a whole lot easier. Just point and click. All of your group insurance benefit information is at your fingertips. View benefits, look up plan providers, download enrollment forms, do online administration and much, much more.

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