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California Healthy Families Program - California Health Insurance Quotes

Get basic information about the California Healthy Families Program and Get a California Health Insurance Quote for your family

California health insurance agents get a lot of questions about the California Healthy Families Program. Basically, this program offers low-cost health care throughout each county in California, and also offers different plans for different needs. Healthcare, including dental and vision care, is available through contracts with a variety of insurance plans within California.

The Healthy Families Program offers benefits that cover children's services as well as pregnancy. The Program also offers these benefits to children who are not covered under health insurance plans or no-cost Medi-Cal. Insurance under this plan pays for the bulk of doctor’s visits and visits to eye doctors, dentists, and specialists.  Your child's health care will also be covered for laboratory work, pharmacy and prescriptions, clinics and hospital care.

The Healthy Families program also offers care for children of eligible qualified immigrants. Your California health insurance agent suggests that you visit the Healthy Families Program website at for the eligibility requirements for citizens and immigrants. In addition, the Healthy Families Program offers federal income guidelines for joining this program. Income for family sizes ranging from one to 10 may range from between zero dollars at the lowest end to about $9,000 on the high end. Infants, children or pregnant women on Medi-Cal as well as teens up to 18 years of age may be covered through the Healthy Families Program. Between $300 and $750 may be added to the base income earning amount for each additional family member, but check the website for specifics.

California health insurance agents get asked plenty of questions regarding the Healthy Families Program, including benefits, additional costs for children who may benefit from such services, and children under the care of California Children's Services. Coverage of various mental health services may or may not be covered.

Children are eligible for any service that is medically necessary. Healthy Families participants are not denied coverage based on a person’s current health condition, and Healthy Families Program guidelines and services also offer preventive pediatric healthcare services such as screenings and immunizations.

Co-payments of five dollars are required at the time of services for children's benefits, though some services are free. The maximum co-payment per year is $250 per family.  Women enrolled in the Healthy Families Program who become pregnant may qualify for no cost to Medi-Cal coverage for services, though if a pregnant woman is covered by no-cost Medi-Cal, Medi-Cal will cover baby's health care for its first year, and not the Healthy Families Program.

The Healthy Families Program is also designed to protect and provide health care for children placed in Children's Services organizations throughout the state. Healthy Families Program services must be approved and in place and authorized before foster children receive benefits. In addition, children enrolled in a Healthy Families Program may be able to receive mental health service benefits either through their local county Department of Mental Health or through the health plan, depending on need, seriousness of emotional disturbances, and other guiding factors.

No child should have to do without proper and adequate health care. The Healthy Families Program tries to ensure that every child receives the care that he or she needs.  For more information, ask your California health insurance agent or access the healthy families program website at

Getting a California Health Insurance Plan for your Children or Family

If you want to find an inexpensive California health plan that offers health care benefits for either your entire family or just your children you have come to the right place. Matt's California Health Insurance Services will show you all the health plans from the top California Health Insurance carriers in the state. This all inclusive quote shows you every health plan from carriers like Anthem Blue Cross of California, Blue Shield of California, Aetna, Kaiser, Health Net, Pacificare, United Health Care and Celtic health plans. All side by side for you to compare price, benefits, deductibles, co-pays and even provider networks. When you’re ready to apply you can use our secure carrier direct links to apply online or you can print out an application to fill out by hand. Either way, it’s important to get a California health insurance plan in force and keep it.


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