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Foreign Exchange Student Health Insurance:

The Multi National Underwriters Student Plan
Designed specifically to meet the needs of international students and scholars

Get Foreign Exchange Student Health Insurance prices and review benefits for the Student Secure

Get pricesDo you have a son or daughter planning on studying abroad? Are you hosting a foreign exchange student from another country in your home? Either way, he or she needs to be insured. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that he or she will be covered under your health insurance policy once they travel beyond (or into) domestic borders.

One of the best programs available for student insurance today is called the Multi National Underwriters Student Plan. California health insurance providers suggest such a plan for any students traveling abroad – from South America to China to Britain to Russia.

The Multi National Underwriters (MNU) Student Plan offers individual coverage as well as coverage for an entire family traveling internationally. This plan typically offers two levels: Select and Budget options. Each offers coverage for medical expenses, emergency evacuation and covers anyone injured by acts of terrorism, an unfortunately necessity these days.

Coverages include inpatient and outpatient hospital care, physician and surgeon’s fees and costs for casts, sutures and things like diabetic supplies and anesthetics. Be advised that a student must be covered for a year before pre-existing conditions provide benefits. The coverage also includes maternity care, newborn care and covers care for sports injuries or illnesses for students engaged in collegiate team sporting events.

In the event that a physician deems it necessary for a student to be evacuated to another location for adequate treatment or safety, the MNU Student Plan (upon approval) will provide emergency air or ground transportation to the nearest hospital or facility that offers the care your student needs. In addition, the Plan offers an economy-class round-trip airfare flight for one relative to the student’s location, as well as reasonable accommodation and food expenses for that relative for a period of up to 15 days.

In the event of injuries incurred during an act of terrorism, the Plan will pay up to $50,000 lifetime maximum as long as certain reasonable conditions are met. In the event of accidental death, the Plan offers death benefits to a designated beneficiary of the amount specified by the policyholder.

Full time students and full time scholars are eligible for the Multi National Underwriters Student Plan, which means students must carry 10 credit hours for undergraduates and 6 credit hours for graduate students. Full time scholars must show proof of at least 30 hours of educational activities per week, including research or teaching.

Coverage under the MNU Student Plan is renewable for up to four years as long as eligibility requirements are met. Staff at MNU is available for student relations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter where they are, students have access to support and specialists that can help answer any questions or concerns about health, medical or dental care needs while studying abroad.

The Multi National Underwriters Student Plan also offers travel assistance, pre-trip health and safety advisories on vaccines, passports and visas as well as emergency cash transfers and message relays. Don’t leave anything to chance. Protect your student and ensure peace of mind by utilizing the Multi National Underwriters Student Plan for all his or her health care needs.

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