Health Care Cost Can Be Reduced By Using Your Policy Responsibly

This is something that may shock you! Insurance is a business, not a charity, which is why a growing number of people are in the ranks of the uninsurable. They are there as a consequence of their own actions.

If you were an insurance company who could provide a health care insurance plan to someone for $86 a month, but that someone was taking a brand name drug for something that cost $230 a month, what insurance company in the world would want this person as a client? They would lose money on them before they even got coverage. Yes, the bottom line is this: insurance is a business, and consumers must wake up and smell the coffee.

Smelling the coffee involves understanding how the health care system is being over-utilized for things it was never supposed to be covering. When health care insurance was brought into existence, the intention behind the business was for citizens to use insurance for the “big things” in life – broken legs, heart operations, etc.

Now the system is being over-used, and often abused, as consumers run to the doctor for every little cut and bump without regard for the enormous costs incurred by consulting with a specialist. If a patient goes to the doctor and says they just saw a certain drug on TV and wondered if it could help, and the doctor consents to try it, that patient has just started taking a brand name drug, and is now classified as having a pre-existing condition.

Is this a two-way street? In this example both the doctor (who should likely know better) and the patient have created a situation where the patient will not quality for heath care insurance. The patient will soon face a dilemma if they are uninsurable – what about the “big things” that happen, leading to a genuine need for the health care system? Where will they be without insurance? The unfortunate answer is: in a major financial crunch.

The moral of the story is: think twice before you run to the doctor for everything that ails you because the price could very well be an inability to get health insurance in the future. Also, over usage of policies by the policy holders is an expense that is shared with rate increases.

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