Get Your Insurance Yanked For Lying About Your Health

Can I hide a preexisting medical condition?

I get asked this question daily at my Health Insurance Agency. Health Insurance can be expensive in California. If you have a preexisting medical condition an insurance company can give you a higher monthly rate or just flat out decline coverage. I’ve seen 50% and even rates 100% higher than the standard rate healthy people with no medical conditions get. The inconvenience of having to pay more than the normal rate will influence many people to get creative while filling out their health insurance application. “What if I forget to mention my pre-existing medical condition on the application, will they find out that I already have a medical condition or will it lead to any trouble, etc?” I get asked. People say “I cannot be without any medical insurance. And if I mention the medical condition I have my rates will be higher than what I want to pay.” A potentially higher insurance premium makes people consider all these options.

Health insurance companies help people enjoy good health by offering wellness and preventative programs. They actually want you to stay health so that there are no giant claims to be paid. You need to buy a policy early in life while you’re healthy and keep the policy forever. Health insurance is for the big “what if I get really sick” situation. Let me give you this analogy. Do you insure your car before or after an accident? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could not have to pay any premiums for car insurance, then if we get into an accident, we can race over the local insurance broker and say “I wrecked my car and I want your company to pay to get it fixed. And here’s one month’s premium. I want to take the car into the shop as soon as I leave here. And by the way, as soon as my car gets fixed I’ll be canceling the policy because don’t like that pesky monthly premium.” Wouldn’t that be great! We’d all save tons of money! But we all know it doesn’t work that way don’t we.

You cannot conceal a pre-existing ailment to the health insurance company because it will be a pure case of deception. When you deceive the health insurance company and later file claims including the legitimate ones, the insurance company can deny the request. If the insurance company finds out that you lied on your application they will rescind your policy. Rescind means they will give you back the premiums you paid and cancel/take away the policy like it never happened. When that happens, of course the person who lied on their application calls the local news crew and tells them how unfair the insurance company was. And that’s what you usually see on the news. A liar complaining that they can’t get something for free.

Having health insurance is important. You can reduce the cost of your premium by comparing a number of quotes using independent agents like Matt at . The competition is high in the California health insurance sector so many companies offer several different plan designs and premiums. Get insurance while you’re young and healthy and keep it forever. If you happen to have a medical condition and you need coverage, fill out an application with a reputable carrier and see what they say. If you get a higher rating by all means take it. You might be close to being flat out declined. Take the policy and then shop around to see if you can get another policy issued at a lower rate. If you do get declined, you will be offered a HIPPA plan. If that happens you need to talk to your agent ASAP for advice. There are other options.

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