Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda – A Sad California Health Insurance Story

Sometimes my clients like to elaborate about their own experiences with medical bills. This one I want to share. I was speaking with a man who said to me that he “Will never put his family threw what he went through as a child”. I expected the usual grew up poor and lived in the projects story, but this one was unique.

His family wasn’t rich, but they were not poor either. He had a stay at home mom and dad was a local business owner. His dad never thought that the need for health insurance was strong enough and never bought a policy for the family. One day his mother became ill. It was cancer. Without insurance the bills started piling up. Mom made it, but the price was much more than just the bills from treatment. He explained to that his dads business suffered greatly because of this unexpected expense. It took years to get back into the position he was in financially. Now here’s the kicker. Not only did the mom suffer a tragic illness, she blamed herself for putting the whole family in that position.

Now he sees not only that the health insurance helps pay medical bills and help keep him financially stable, it will also prevent any one of his family members from feeling bad and becoming depressed if they are stricken with a serious illness. As a young boy he wanted help, but didn’t know how. He doesn’t want his boy to grow up with that feeling.

Having health insurance is all about planning ahead. We never know when or how we are going to become sick or be in an accident. My client is smart for planning ahead. He knows that now his family is insurable and that at any time, any one person in his family may become uninsurable. He’s aware that once an illness is diagnosed, you can consider yourself either uninsurable or paying a higher premium on your health insurance.

My client’s father could have avoided all the grief and self blaming by insuring his family with a California health insurance plan. They could afford it but chose to take the risk. There are hundreds of California health insurance plans to choose from and I’m sure you can find one that fits your budget. Finding a plan is easy with websites like where you can compare health plans from several top rated carriers. They even make it easy to apply.

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