Positive side of Higher Gas Prices

I’m writing this article today because I have been noticing something around town that I haven’t seen as far back as I can remember. I’ve seen this kind of thing in movies and on TV shows filmed in big cities but not here in Ventura California. Maybe it’s because I’m a California Health Insurance Agent I have a different perspective of the things I see while I’m out and about. You be the judge.

High gas prices have inadvertently made some people, who wouldn’t have otherwise, walk or bike to work. Next time you’re out around 5:00 or quitting time, look around.  I see some people riding bikes who look like they haven’t been on a bike in years. I see more people walking around 5:00 who look like they are wearing work cloths and they have back packs on. And I think to myself “This is great!” Not only are they saving money on gas but if I’m not mistaking, their getting some exercise and it looks like their actually having a little fun.

Do higher gas prices equal a healthier America? I don’t know. But from what I see I think it may be helping by forcing some to get up and move around. Maybe it’s also keeping people from visiting the drive threw as often and forcing them to eat in. Home cooked meals are usually healthier anyway.

Now I know some people have been blessed with good health and others by no fault of their own misfortune of an illness. But many of us otherwise healthy people have just become lazy. If more of us get up, dust of that old bike in the garage and ride it to work or to the market a few times, we might just fight off that extra 10 pounds, and become healthier.

This is where we come full circle in regards to “price”. By biking or walking to work we’ll become healthier and this will help reduce our cost for health care. Some people may be able to reverse or minimize symptoms or illnesses such as diabetes or even prevent them in the first place by walking or biking to work. If we are healthier, we can also consider health insurance plans with lower premiums thus saving money. Healthier people don’t need to see the doctor except for maybe once a year. So why buy an expensive health plan? Buy a plan like an HSA health plan that has cheap rates and covers you very well on a big claim. I think it’s a smart choice for many people wanting to save on health insurance premiums.

I may be painting a rosy picture here but, when life gives you lemons… These high gas prices are forcing many people to revisit the old Schwinn. I say take advantage of it. Become healthier and reduce your health care cost.

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