Most Universal Health Care Articles Are Written with Lack of Common Sense

Who’s Paying for the Care and Who’s Charging for Care?

Most of the articles I read about Universal Health Care are peppered with two phrases, “Health Care” and “Health Insurance”. The two are very different yet most articles combine the two as one item. So I’d like to clear up the difference between the two so that there is no further confusion.

Let’s start by defining the two phrases with Wikipedia.
Health care*: healthcare is the prevention, treatment, and management of illness and the preservation of mental and physical well being through the services offered by the medical, nursing, and allied health professions.

Health Insurance*: The term health insurance is generally used to describe a form of insurance that pays for medical expenses.

Now that we know the difference between the two I want to bring in a few quotes from the latetest Health care news I’ll find on Google.

Here’s one:
Mary Shesgreen from the Daily Herald says in her article titled “Support move to universal health care” that in the U.S 18,000 people die each year from lack of access to Health Care* (Please refer to the definition above on what health care* is). Mary goes on to say that the people who pay for our medical expenses (see Health Insurance* above) are enormous parasite on the U.S. Health Care* system. Okay, please refer back to the definitions at this point. The people paying the bills, are the so called parasites? Mary has just told us that the person paying our medical bills is bad and that the  Health Care* providers who are charging the enormous amounts for HEALTH CARE* not to blame. You now, when I read this type of thinking I’m reminded of that show on MTV called My Super Sweet 16. It’s the show with the spoiled brats who want everything handed to them on daddy’s bill. I always think to myself that the spoiled little brat should make her own money and pay for her own things if she’s so unhappy. So I’d like to say to Mary, if you’re so unhappy, fire your health insurance* company and pay for your own “Health Care*”. And you can walk into any Doctors office or hospital and you’ll be accepted because after all, you’re a paying customer. Go ahead nobody’s stopping you. You can do it.

Oh, but wait. Health Care* is expensive you say. Why do think that is? Who’s the one making it expensive? Now that you fired your health insurance* company and pay you own Health Care* bills you’d think the cost would have come down and 18,000 people would still be alive. But it’s not happening is it. Well sounds to me like the parasite is still there. It must be the Health Care* Providers who are the parasites (again, see definition of Health Care* above).

Here’s the deal everybody: Health Insurance* pays for our Health Care*. Health Care* costs are going up. So to keep up with the rising cost of Health Care*, Health Insurance* premiums will go up. To combat this and stop the out of pocket expenses for the consumer of Health Care*, we need the HEALTH CARE* PROVIDERS TO STOP CHARGING SO MUCH FOR HEALTH CARE*!

But just like the spoiled brat on the My Super Sweet MTV show who is afraid to make daddy too angry when he bought the wrong color Lexus, we too as Health Care* consumers are afraid to tell the doctor who is about to cut into us that we feel like we’re getting ripped off. Because if we do…well I don’t want to know what might happen if I did that.

I hope that helps future Universal Health Care* article writers clarify in their writings the difference between Health Care* and Health Insurance*. And a little bit about who the parasites really are.

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  • Chris Cobb says:

    I guess you have never been denied a health insurance policy because of a PRE EXISTING CONDITION. America does not need blood sucking middlemen to come between there doctors and there health. The system is broken because health insurance is the problem. I am a firemen and would you expect me to knock on your door and ask for your insurance card and copay before I saved your life or put your house fire out. Guess what its part of your taxes and we dont turn anyone away for preexisting conditions.Imagine a for profit fire dept , police dept , or military. All three of those are scocialised…OMG

  • admin says:

    I’ve got news for ya. Just like the Fire Department the ER is by law required to render services. And Just like the ER the Fire Department will send you a bill. I don’t understand why people can’t get it into their heads that the price gouging is coming from the HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS and not the insurance companies. Who sends you a bill after you have received health care? Who helps you pay that bill? Please enlighten me on why the ones helping us pay for our health care services are the bad guys.

  • Ron says:

    You don’t have to buy health insurance, self insure your body. Insurance companies negotiate better pricing for their customers with the medical providers. The problem is the $300 aspirin at the hospital, not the third party insurance company. Mr. Fireman, your paid by our tax dollars and it is your duty to serve, your insurance premiums are paid by our tax dollars. We could lower our taxes and not offer you health insurance.

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