Divorce May Leave Children Without Health Insurance Coverage

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Unfortunately it is a fact that over 50% of all marriages end in divorce and the process is emotional for all parties involved. Each parent has their own objectives and desired outcome form the abrogation of the marital contract and neither have a desire to injure any of the children. However, in some cases there seems to have been unintended consequences which leave the children either left out of insurance coverage’s or with sub standard coverage provided by a state program.

Case in point the divorce decree calls for the Husband to carry the child/ children on his group health insurance policy and all seems ok until the Husband is laid off. The options are for the ex employee to take advantage of COBRA which is up to 102% of the cost of the insurance coverage. Unfortunately this may not be the best insurance solution.

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Another situation comes up when the Husband is paying for the child on his group policy but mom takes the child into another state. This situation can give rise to a myriad of problems. The group policy may not cover out of state or is the insurance program is a HMO , PPO or other form of Managed care there may not be doctors or facilities “in network” and the cost of care may increase.

The answer is in planning. Both parents must council with their respective attorneys and agree to make sure the child’s health care does not slip through the cracks. Perhaps the best solution is to provide for separate policies for the children with funding from a source other than an employer.

Many large California health insurers have set up programs to cover such contingencies which provide “child only” plans at very reasonable cost.

Divorcing couples should take a look at these programs and make sure the children have coverage until they are adults.

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  • betty says:

    Now a days Divorce is very common to the wife and husband even small reason also they take divorce but they do not remember their children life also.In California Most of the people do the same thing. So first of all they plan their childcare’s and then do any thing so they take some insurance plan it is better to their children life.

  • William says:

    Both parties should consult with their attorneys and discuss all options and all scenarios. The most important thing to remember is that the child is more than likely going to be covered under the fathers California group health insurance coverage. If the mother takes the child out of state (vacation, or any other reason) and there happens to be an emergency, the child may not be covered as some group medical insurance plans will not cover out of state or out of network expenses. Children should always have sufficient health insurance and there should always be a back up plan when dealing with divorce and child health care insurance. The attorneys and the parents should always remember that the most important thing is and has always been the well being of the children.

  • thats sad. I think both parties should be responsible for keeping their children insured and protected from health liabilities.

  • Lovely blog! Thanks for the useful information.

  • Josh says:

    Nice post – thanks!

  • GR8 Ideas, I never saw it like that before, do you have more relationship blogs about this?

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