California Drug Discount Program Vetoed by the Terminator

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It appears that California’s prescription drug discount program has become a victim of Governor Schwarzenegger’s pen. The prescription drug program which was enacted in 2006 that was designed to save Californians without health insurance millions of dollars on the cost of prescription drugs received mixed reviews over its short life.

The void left after the veto leave those uninsured without any outlet for lower priced on drugs which now triggers the debate over national or socialized health care. Insurance by its very nature is socialist. Many contribute premium dollars to cover those persons who need care.

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Many criticize insurance companies saying insurance premiums are far too expensive. But are they? The health insurance industry has been vilified for raising premiums out of the reach of many, Politicians, consumer groups as well as the media fail to understand that the cost of medical care is high and the price of the health insurance is related to the benefits being offered.

The public must understand the true benefits of each individual health insurance product. Just a fine suit a good health insurance program must be tailored for every person or family taking into consideration the families financial resources, and the individual needs.

It may be a family with limited resources may indeed be able to afford health insurance using a high deductible but still tailor coverage to give a prescription card benefit to pass along a good percentage of the cost of the insured’s medicine.

The internet is an excellent tool to shop for insurance. Also, please note that it will benefit health insurance shoppers to look for agencies that not only maintain websites but offer customers other services too., an online health insurance agency, offers ways for health insurance shoppers to interact with their agency, explain coverage, assist consumers and intelligently customize a health insurance solution.

It may very well surprise everyone, after counseling with a professional health insurance agent that affordable health insurance may be available for everyone.

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