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Matts Health Insurance is an extremely versatile firm for Californians in the market for just about any kind of coverage.


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California Health Insurance

Our services begin with California health insurance plans for individuals and families. A free and accurate instant quote awaits you at We offer Medicare Supplement Insurance plans to fill in those tricky “medigaps.” Instant quotes are also available for term life insurance, so that your loved ones can be provided for when the time comes. Dental insurance plans can be quite complicated, but we offer dental plans which can be tailored to healthier smiles. Access to reliable health care via child health insurance is a necessary part of any child’s development. But without a reliable plan for your child or children, young people can needlessly be placed at risk. Quotes for child plans are also available instantly on our convenient website. How about medical insurance protecting you or your loved ones when you’re traveling? Matts offers travel medical insurance to citizens of any nationality worldwide. We provide individual or group travel medical insurance for:


  • Individual coverage for a vacation
  • Your employees in locations around the world
  • Long and Short Term coverage for mission organizations and missionaries
  • Exchange student health insurance

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Last but far from least, is our health insurance Anthem Blue Cross for Californians, one of our most popular choices. Our service and expertise provides our Anthem customers with a distinct advantage.


Whether you need an individual or family plan, a child-only plan, or a senior plan, Matts Health Insurance Services has a health plan that’s right for you. Matts options include affordable monthly premiums, discounts on medical care, and your choice of doctors.


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PORTRAIT OF COMPANY (use in only) is a licensed health insurance agent in California. They provide instant online quote for health insurance, Medicare Supplements, travel health insurance, and child only health insurance.

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