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The man was traveling to Andorra and Botswana and needed coverage in the worst way.

Andrew P. was like the Sir Richard Burton of Littlefield, Ohio, except that he wore a trench coat and a glass eye like Colombo. He traveled every chance he could, especially internationally. But his wife Morticia, herself actually an actuary, insisted that he get travel medical insurance this time.

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“I’m not going to spend two months worrying while you’re gone,” she said in her shrill Arkansas twang that Andrew had long found annoying.

Andrew had gone to several California Health Insurance agents already. A few carried medical plans for travel, even worldwide plans, but there were always exceptions relating to the coverage in the fine print. One agent covered travel to Europe, but not to Africa during the same excursion. Andrew needed both continents in his itinerary. He was in search of fossilized giant earwig remains. He’d already been to the most likely hunting ground, Saint Helena Island in the South Atlantic, but hadn’t found as much as a single carapace during that marvelous journey.

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It was only by fortuitous chance that he stumbled upon Matt’s California Health Insurance Services as a walk-in, just a few weeks before he was to embark on this latest journey.

Matt Lockard swiftly sized up the walk-in customer with the disheveled “scientific researcher” cast to his red-bearded angular face, and knew almost immediately what he wanted. “Travel insurance, a worldwide medical plan. You’re going on a trip,” he guessed astutely, “to Botswana and Yemen.”

“Wrong,” corrected Andrew P., world traveler, “Botswana and Andorra.”

“Need a plan?” Matt queried after being properly chastened.

“You betcha,” replied Andrew, with a glimmer of happiness in his left eye.

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