Medicare Supplement Plans Fill the Gaps for Seniors

Alfred was under the mistaken impression that Medicare was all he was entitled to, gaps and all. His California Health Insurance Agent Matt set him straight.

 Alfred H., age 104, lives in Escondido. He’s been blessed with relatively good health, although he fractured his hip while in an infantry unit, an imaginary one, when he fell out of his uncle’s pear tree, in 1918 when he was only 14.

 Alfred’s wife died in 1980, and occasionally his son Zeke, 73, stops by to visit. Zeke has had a succession of health issues, and retains Matt’s California Health Insurance Services, with Matt Lockard as his agent. Zeke has a Medicare Supplement Plan for 65+ seniors that serve his needs well. But Alfred has no agent and Original Medicare only witch is full of gaps. Suddenly, just in the past few months, his hip has been giving him trouble.

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 “I never saw you break your hip,” Zeke told his Dad, “did you take a fall recently?”

 “Nope,” Alfred said, “It happened before you were born.”

 “That sure isn’t recently,” Zeke agreed. “Are you going to have it fixed?”

 “Can’t,” Alfred said, “My Medicare will only pay for part of it. I went to see the doctor, he said I’d need surgery and the break is still there. In 90 years, it’s never completely healed.” 

 “It might get worse,” Zeke agreed, “you could end up like one of those old men and have to use a walker.”

 “I’m over 100 now, it’s too late. Medicare by itself is the best option for me.”

 “Why don’t you see my California health insurance agent, Matt Lockard?”

 Alfred drove over in his beloved Studebaker that still ran clean as a whistle. He spoke to Matt. Matt helped him understand how Medicare Supplement plans work.”

 The surgery was successful. For the first time in 50 years, Alfred called Lissie up on the phone. He’d known her from way back. “Do you want to go dancing?” he asked her.

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