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Johnny and Ben carried sibling rivalry to new extremes, making children’s health insurance coverage for each brother anything but optional.

If you got boy's, You need insurance

If you've got boy's, You need health insurance


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In the Flotsam family, the kids were always “going at it,” as their exhausted mom Doreen would tell it. “Stop it! Stop fighting!” she’d scream quite often, while referring to ten-year-old Johnny and eight-year-old Ben. During any given moment, an observer might notice Flossy, the family’s beloved Angora, gazing at the kids with a pet cat’s disinterest while Johnny gripped Ben in a fierce headlock, or Ben wrestled Johnny to the ground and punched him in the face, or either boy’s matchbox cars became metallic projectiles thrown with surprising force and speed, and exclamations of pain, “Owwh!” followed by a cry for Doreen to referee, “Mommy! He hit me!” These ceaseless exhibitions of sibling animosity continued as long as each child was conscious, and although Doreen would enviously watch shows featuring Super Nannies coming to the rescue, at her otherwise pleasant home, not even a ceasefire was in sight. So when her husband Denis returned home to their Rancho Bernardo sanctuary after too many sessions listening to a litany of kid woes (Denis worked as a child psychologist), Doreen needed to vent. “Do something!” she screamed at her possibly passive-aggressive hubby, “What if Johnny or Ben really hurt each other?” Denis knew that their family was “covered” in case of routine medical emergencies, but as he passively pondered the situation, a matchbox car came whizzing past his head; it looked like a miniature Chevy Vega. “Who threw that?” he bellowed. “I didn’t!” yelled Johnny and Ben in a rare show of synchronicity. Seconds later, Denis was on the phone to his friend Matt Lockard, a California health insurance agent, better than any TV nanny. “We need the kid’s plans you told me about!” he screamed into the receiver.

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Matt, cool as a cucumber, said, “Let’s make an appointment then.” Three days later, Johnny and Ben still fought like little Banshees, but at least they were covered. Good thing too, because that afternoon, Ben threw Flossy across the living room at an unsuspecting Johnny.

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