Dental Coverage May Apply to Unusual Issues with Teeth

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Individual dental plans available from your California Health Insurance Agent might apply to saber tooth cat syndrome.


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Jack Daniels of Malibu Beach had loved to surf until the accident. The blonde-haired twenty-something possessed a marvelous physique and received plenty of covert glances from beautiful women on the beach every time he went surfing. But it was the surfing he loved. The glorious pursuit of aqueous perfection gave him goose bumps. He worried about sharks and barracudas and miscellaneous garbage tossed into the waves by careless jerks aboard pleasure craft, but it was the obvious that initially did him in.  One afternoon he grabbed his board and strolled out into the Pacific in moderate surf. Excited, as he was about to catch a wave, he smacked his face down abruptly with his mouth slightly ajar onto his red, white, and blue surfboard. His “problem tooth” snagged, the peculiar incisor sinking into the polyurethane a half inch deep, wedging solid. “With my head stuck like that,” Jack later told the television crew, “It was a miracle I didn’t drown.”

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He vowed never to surf again while that tooth was in his gob. As a boy of thirteen his mother had taken him to a dentist for the first and last time. “Open your mouth kid,” the dentist, “Call me Seymour,” had said. Jack was shy, but opened, only to have the insensitive dentist remark a little too loudly, “Oh boy. This kid has saber tooth syndrome. It’s still a baby tooth, but …”

Jack had learned not to smile. He was a good-looking teenager, but when he’d open his mouth and people saw it – they looked away. Now, the lonely ex-surfer had to do something about it.  But what? He didn’t have dental insurance. Jack finally worked up the courage to call a California Health Insurance agent, Mr. Louis B. Snaggle. “Hello. I don’t know if you can help me. I have s-s-s-aber tooth c-aaaa-t syndrome,” Jack managed.

“How long is it?” the friendly agent asked. Jack told him.

“Come right over. We can get you covered,” Mr. Snaggle reassured him.

A minor dental procedure later, Jack was back surfing. He didn’t see the garbage floating in the seawater until it was too late.

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  • Ouch! As a dentist and a surfer, I have to admit, I hadn’t thought of that one! I guess, you could technically wear an athletic mouthguard (like football/soccer/basketball athletes do) for this situation…but, atleast a tooth can be fixed. Still worth the feeling of riding the waves. :)

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