Disability Insurance for Professional Athletes

Including Loss of Skill for Top Athletes

Professional Athletes Disability Insurance is designed to guarantee the benefits of the athlete’s contract, or protection for young players before being drafted into the professional leagues. Many sports do not guarantee the benefits to the player for longer than the current contract year. If the player is injured and is not able to make the cut during the pre-season their contract may be waived. Matt Lockard’s Insurance Services can show you a disability insurance plan for professional athletes that offers benefits that are structured based on the player’s contract or their income and the type of sport.

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Disability Insurance for Professional Athletes

Loss of Future Earnings

A professional athlete can anticipate income levels and probable playing time. A disability can affect the level of income to be earned in the future and a disability can shorten the career period. As an example, an athlete has no income assurance beyond the term period of the present contract. This plan can insure an income should disability shorten the expected career period.

Contract Completion

The loss of an athlete by disability puts the team in double jeopardy. Revenue may slip and the team must continue to pay the non-performing athlete. These plans can insure the contracted compensation to the athlete, thus relieving the team of that financial burden.

Loss of Endorsements

Endorsement income and fees continue to flow as long as the public remains a fan of the athlete. A political statement, a drug involvement, a drunk arrest, a public relations goof, and the advertiser/endorsers pull back from sponsorship. This loss is also insurable.

Cost of Agents/Managers

During periods of disability, it is in the athlete’s best interest to continue the use of agents and managers to keep the athlete’s value as an athlete and as a product spokesperson keenly in the minds of those who contract for their services. These costs can be insured.

College Draft Protection

Talented athletes may decide to stay in school rather than take early entry into the draft. There is a risk of sustaining a career ending disability during the final college years. These plans are available to insure the future value of a professional career.

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