Acupuncture helps taxman relax

Max Decimale, a certified public accountant, had California Health Insurance agent Matt Lockard to thank for suggesting monthly visits to an acupuncturist as a prudent use of his coverage, in order to relieve stress. So he went over to Matt’s office to thank him.

Max Decimale, 34, was prone to being “stressed out.” Much of this was due to his occupation as a certified public accountant. Income tax season was the worst but certain clients put him through his paces during the rest of the year. California Health Insurance agent Matt Lockard was sensitive to Decimale’s needs, and suggested a policy that might offer alternative health options, such as acupuncture. Surprisingly, Decimale got the point. “An acupuncturist is not that big of a deal for me,” Decimale claimed, “I’m used to it. My girlfriend has been needling me for years.”

Lockard even suggested an available point man. “You might try Dr. Hazen L. Lu,” he told his client. 

“Does his middle initial stand for luck?” Decimale wondered.

“Nope, it stands for Lou,” Lockard replied.

“He’s really a Lou Lu?”

“You can say that.”

Dr. Lu was so experienced and the needles were thin enough that it didn’t seem to matter. Max Decimale became increasingly relaxed as the therapy continued month after month. “It calms me,” Decimale concluded, and the point was made.

One day Decimale was in the neighborhood, and he paid a visit to Mr. Lockard in person. “To show my appreciation, I’d like to take you out to lunch,” he told Matt.

Matt Lockard had never been out to lunch with an accountant, and was curious. “Does that mean you’re paying?”

“Of course,” said Decimale.

Lockard decided to take Max up on his offer. They walked about six blocks, until they came to “The Soup Kitchen.”

Feeling especially hungry, Matt entered the tiny emporium with Max and they were soon seated.  “What kind of soup do you want?” Max asked.

“I’ll have the chicken noodle with bean sprouts,” said Matt.

Max had the black bean. As they both sipped, Matt could not help but notice how relaxed Max seemed while they each consumed their cups of soup.   

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